ShiftCasting not PodCasting

Seems to me that podcasting got off to a bad start with its name. The name is too narrow on two fronts. First, we don't all have iPods. At least one of us doesn't: me. Second, 'casting - which is really short for broadcasting - isn't only about sound, it's also about video and text and images. PodCasting sounds like broadcasting sound to others with iPods. If that was all this "revolution" was about I wouldn't be interested. So, I think we need a new name. How about: "shiftcasting." Narrowcasting is also not a bad one, and often used, but narrowcasting sounds more like broadcasting (real-time consumption) to a smaller set of people.
So, that's the name rant, but the real purpose of this post is to outline some of the key tech steps / alternatives / issues to making that broader concept work in practice. Mostly I am doing this now so that I'll have to write these components and get it working for myself on my decidedly non-pod setup -- the iRiver H340. Hopefully its also useful for others.
Steps, alternatives and issues in shiftcasting:

  1. Get a recommendation of content
    • an RSS/Atom Feed
    • a list of recomendations, that may not be unique resources
    • recurring searches?
    • news outlets?
    • what someone else looks at or shifts
    • what groups do

  2. Get the content itself
    • http and other straight get
    • bittorrent or p2p
    • tv / radio
    • netflix? or other purchase?
    • searching to figure out what ambiguous stuff is and how to get it
    • making sure you're not geting the same stuff twice
    • arbitrage, get the stuff the best way

  3. Format the content for the device

    • downsampling
    • resizing
    • transcoding (both change in format and change in media -- mpeg2 to mpeg4 and text to speech)
    • summarizing and excerpting
    • removing cruft

  4. Put the content on the device

    • be intelligent about what is on there
    • may need to queue for distribution later
    • may need to generate some sort of "format" for writing to the player (folders? playlists?)
    • would be great to also know what was looked at or "played" -- maybe ratings too

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