Some News and Thanks

I will soon pass the Twitter General Counsel torch to Vijaya Gadde (@vijaya). Vijaya has been managing Twitter’s corporate and international legal work, and I’ve gotten to know her well over the last fourteen years. I couldn’t be happier with her appointment as General Counsel of Twitter.

As we transition, I will dial back my day to day involvement with Twitter. I’ll continue to support the company and its great people by staying on as an advisor for the legal, trust & safety, corporate development and public policy teams. I continue to care deeply about Twitter, the folks who work at Twitter and our tremendous users, so I’ll remain close to all three.

It has been a joy to work at Twitter. I have been fortunate to support the multiple award winning trust, public policy, corporate development, legal and, at various times during my tenure, communications and trust engineering teams. These are phenomenal teams made up of great people. I also continue to be awestruck by the many, varied, incredible ways people use Twitter.

I am proud to have worked with colleagues who defend and respect the user’s voice; who push freedom of expression and transparency; and who innovate and lead. Together we’ve brought some incredible products and talent into Twitter. We’ve supported teams creating new businesses and pushing to reach every person on the planet. Twitter continues to employ some of the funniest, most generous, smart, passionate and humble people I’ve ever met. I was lucky to get to work with them, and you can too.

To my teams, all the folks who work at Twitter and Twitter users: Thank you. I can’t wait to see what you do together next.

As for me, it has been my privilege to work and fight on behalf of great companies and their users over the last decade. A privilege and a lot of work. So, I’m looking forward to engaging my various internet passions from new and different perspectives, seeing friends and family without distraction, and just goofing off a bit. We should all do more of that.

More to come here and at @amac.

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pauljacobson said...

You have been a huge inspiration to me all the way down here at the tip of Africa. Enjoy goofing off! I could also use more of that.

Rick Klau said...

Twitter (and its users) is decidedly better off for your many contributions. Thanks so much, and don't be a stranger!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you better read this before you go, because a lot of people are extremely upset with someone who claims to be a developer for Twitter and is deeply connected to the swattings that were solicited on this service. Now it's a police matter. I hope @NealRauhauser was worth it. This cops are reading this stuff as I type and the people are rating you now on D&B.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is one thing. Breaking the law and stalking people for 3 years using Twitter is insane. Speaking of insane? His ex-wife is on your service right now showing everyone the evidence that her ex is a certified, clinically diagnosed, Sociopath with Narcissistic Personality Disorder & RAD, carries a gun and was busted for possession of nuclear materials back in the 1980's.

Here's another one. They just keep growing and collecting the evidence.

Anonymous said...

And since you allow @NealRauhauser to have thousands of alt-accounts, I'll just list them here to see if they stay active after you've been apprised of what's going on.


and so many more.

He beat your system. He breaks the law and your TOS, then deactivates his account while he scrubs it clean for the next round. Then if you report him, there's no evidence and your staff conveniently doesn't accept screenshots and disregards the work put into collecting the status numbers of thousands of tweets.

I'd say this is lawsuit waiting to happen and probably a class action suit at that.

Anonymous said...

And you banned @Zephyr5_ and constantly ban @_Zaffre, Sinistra and everyone that @NealRauhauser writes up to Twitter with his lies! I suppose he gets special treatment to harass everyone because he joined your developer team and he also said that he can barter with Twitter to get innocent people banned and trade it off with his work for you?

Don't believe it? Here's the screenshot and the complaint by Zaffre at his site

In response to another ban at the request of @NealRauhauser, of course!

Let's just disregard all the death threats and abuse of government resources with his other bogus complaints, right?

Yea, Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. MacGillivray! So much for free speech and abiding by your terms of service and the law!

This is disgusting!