Innovation is Distracting?

I couldn't resist this. From a Reuters article about Yahoo!'s reaction to Google's mobile phone alliance announcement:

Google risks being distracted by technology rather than being focused on advertising revenue, the lifeblood of both Internet players, Boerries said.

Boerries is Marco Boerries, Yahoo!'s SVP of "Connected Life" and he meant that as a criticism. I am glad that Google is not just "distracted" by technology but instead focused on it and above all the user benefits it can bring. I know that many at Yahoo! feel the same way about their innovative company and I assume that Boerries was either misquoted (it isn't even really a direct quotation), taken out of context or misspoke.
Also, focusing on "advertising revenue" seems to incorrectly describe what both our companies do (I hope). Focusing on value for advertisers might be a better way to understand it.

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