Ranking Law Schools (another random methodology)

Lots of fun discussion about alternative (random) ways of ranking law schools. I like these discussions because I've never been a fan of law school rankings, so the more the merrier. Paul Caron (a tax law professor at University of Cincinnati) gives a ranked list based on a Google search for "law school." Mike Madison passes along Al Brophy's suggestion to rerun the search as ""law school" OR "school of law" OR "college of law" OR "law center" site:.edu" which changes the results. Here's another of just five.

The image above shows a graph of number of searches for five of the schools on Google (from Google Trends). If you click on the image, you'll go to the Google Trends page of the search and be able to see more info and play around with some of the variables.
Oh, and U.S. News and World Report also has a ranking.
BTW, in case you come from a law school that did well in the Google Trends ranking, this one may be sobering.
That's searches for jd versus mba.
Hat tip to Siva, from whose blog I first read about this (though I really don't endorse that blog or his habit of copying the entirety of the blog posts he links to).

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Frank Borges LL0SA said...

As somebody applying to law school, thank you for giving us an alternative ranking system.