Photo by Doc Searls, CC BY-SA

Alexander Macgillivray, also known as "amac," is curious about many things including ethics, law, policy, government, decision making, the Internet, algorithms, social justice, access to information, coding, and the intersection of all of those.

He worked on the Biden transition team and administration, and was part of the founding team at the Trust & Safety Professional Association and He was also a proud board member at Data & Society and Creative Commons, and an advisor to the Mozilla Tech Policy Fellows

He was Twitter's General Counsel, and head of Corporate Development, Public Policy, Communications, and Trust & Safety. Before that he was Deputy General Counsel at Google and created the Product Counsel team. He has served on the board of the Campaign for the Female Education (CAMFED) USA, was one of the early Berkman Klein Center folks, was certified as a First Grade Teacher by the State of New Jersey, and studied Reasoning & Decision Making as an undergraduate.

For more about what he is proudest of during his last few jobs see:
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Photo by Yash Mori, White House Photographer