More on "Les Bricoleurs"

Got a compliment today from the inimitable Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage. This made my day because I respect Denise tons and because she included the following new tidbit regarding "Les Bricoleurs:"

In essence, bricolage is what tinkers do -- collecting odd bits of stuff they think may be potentially useful, then using whatever bits seem to work in the context of some later repair job. Simple. And yet profound. Because the bits the bricoleur ends up using were not designed for the use they end up being put to. Figuring out which bits to collect and how to apply them to some task at hand requires a completely different kind of thinking than the procedural algorithmic thought processes business has become so dependent upon. While the Internet may have convinced some businesses to think "out of the box," most are still not even sure what box they’re in, much less which way to turn for emergency egress. If some unprincipled individual were to yell "fire!" right about now, the entire edifice of global commerce might suddenly collapse.

From Introduction to Gonzo Marketing, by Christopher Locke (also of Cluetrain fame).

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