New Way

Phish is trying a new way of distributing music for their most recent tour. At Live Phish you can buy MP3s and SHNs from the tour and receive them by download two days after each show. No DRM. Interesting experiment, especially since Phish allows taping of their shows. I just downloaded the New Year's Eve show.

From their FAQ:

Why should I pay for what I can get for free?

Primary advantages of Live Phish Downloads over audience recordings are: pristine soundboard quality, faster and more reliable downloading and quick turnaround. In most cases, shows will be available for download within forty-eight hours. Each show is carefully indexed and comes with printable booklets (containing liner notes), tray inlays and CD labels. The files are served by a robust delivery network capable of serving thousands of simultaneous downloads, ensuring the fastest and most reliable download experience for the user. We also offer quick response customer service to help sort out any problems that may arise. That being said, audience taping has always been and will continue to be a defining element of the Phish experience. Live Phish Downloads offers an alternative, convenient route to obtaining live recordings and is in no way intended to supplant or undermine the taping community.

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