Twitter Book Maker

Finally got around to finishing a script that will take a Twitter Archive and turn it into a set of images suitable for printing as a photo book. This takes a tweet like this one:

and turns it into an image like this one:

Or a tweet like this one:

would become an image like this one:

I wrote it for tweets that have single images with no other links. It works best if the account doesn't have a lot of RTs, @replies or links as those don't really translate well to a photo book.

If the script gets a tweet with no image, it will represent the text as an image. So a tweet like this one:

looks like this:
 And, I did end up using the Blurb Books 7x7" format which worked pretty well.

Thank you to @Dr.Drang, who wrote Completing my Twitter Archive which is a helpful post and I used some of his code.

The TwitterBookImages script is:


Nelson said...

Nice! I used to love printing Flickr sets. I wonder if it'd be easy to adapt this script to work from a Storify collection of tweets?

Alexander Macgillivray said...

Yes, should be pretty easy. Note though that I was pretty lazy in a bunch of places, so improvements could definitely be made.

William Riley said...

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