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Dave Winer describes the new news aggregator. "So I spent some time yesterday creating a prototype for something that I'd like to add to Manila, as a gift, no need to pay me -- an aggregator at the community level. " Welcome to the Berkman Center Dave, this is what we do (and one of the reasons why you are a good fit).

In many ways, I think this project is as important as encouraging Harvard to blog. One of the incredible things about school is that there is a huge sense of cultural cohesiveness (meaning that we all have a shared context from which to draw) AND a sense of wonder at each other's differences. Aggregators really help there because the create an easier way of gathering a community's context. Also, because aggregators help present more tidbits per minute, they allow users to keep up on many different sites which might include many different points of view (though Andrew Shapiro may disagree). I aggregate many sites with which I do not agree and find the experience wonderful. As a story or meme breaks, commentary naturally occurs from many different points of view in my aggregator. Usually the commentary helps me to understand the story or meme. Often it presents me with a new way of seeing the story or meme.

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