Goldstein and Howe

My Shingle on Goldstein & Howe's unconventional path to success (quoting a Legal Times article). 1) take pro bono work, it is great experience and can lead to paying clients 2) focus, focus, focus. I think the same advice is useful and true for associates in a big firm practice. 1) Take pro bono assignments (in fact, seek them out) 2) take assignments that have no immediate payoff 3) focus.

Alan Mendelson gave the same advice last year at an HLSNet Event (transcript).

My Shingle is a good site even though they failed to mention Goldstein & Howe's wonderful web log (another contributing factor to its success?) or even link to the Goldstein & Howe web page. The web is for linking people. Get with it!

Later: Carolynn Elefant (the author of the story I linked to) wrote a great comment on my story that doesn't deserve to be hidden in my comments pop-up. She writes:

... I disagree about the value of multiple links. I don't like going to a blawg and seeing snippet of information and having to subsequently link to one hundred other sites. And I have news for you too - many solos and small firm lawyers (for whom my site is targeted) who spend their day in court or meeting with clients don't have the time to cruise around from link to link between drafting memos as is the case for many law clerks or associates. In fact, that's one reason that I may potentially have difficulty in drumming up a solid readership base amongst the audience for whom the site was intended - although it provides good information for many others in the legal profession as well in addition to a new perspective.

Amen to that. When I first started bricoleur I obsessively linked, now I link less and post more. I'm all for Carolynn linking less if it means her posting more! (on her other point, I hope that she is wrong as many small practitioners could use a source of information and a water cooler like what is taken for granted at BIGLAW).

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